“Real Photographers”

I was reading an interesting article that flagged up on StumbleUpon. Heres the link:


It’s well worth a look at the article.

What really shocked me is that there are people who are defining themselves as real photographers because they only shoot film, shoot in natural light, only use SLRs, develop and print their own work, use medium format, etc…

To be honest, this list could go on for ever, however they miss the point.

There is only ever one thing that matters in photography. It’s not technique, gear, media, whether it is straight from the camera or extensively manipulated.

The only thing that ever matters in photography is the image.

Yes, there are some particular preferences in what I would expect from a photographer. Also, I am not keen on spending too long manipulating the images, but that a personal preference. Get it right in camera and you spend less time fixing it. I would not expect a professional to turn up at a wedding with a compact camera, but that is normally an indication of the standards I would expect from a professional. However, ultimately, it’s the results that matter.

So simply put, if you consider yourself a real photographer because you only shoot in natural light, film, or whatever, there are a lot of people creating great images who are faking it by your standards. If that bothers you, it should. Your narrow outlook is stopping you from exploring some amazing techniques. If it doesn’t bother you, fine. You obviously are not concerned about pushing your craft to the limit or exploring new techniques. It certainly doesn’t stop the other people creating great images being real photographers either, and you need to deal with it.

Thank you for tolerating me venting my spleen. For those open minded photographers out there, keep at it. For those who don’t take pictures, give it a try. It’s fantastic.

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